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About Sparkling Symposium

For decades now, Oregon has been proudly showcasing itself as a cool-climate growing region and what is more cool-climate than sparkling wine? The opportunity was seized initially by a few industrious Oregon pioneers and famously resulted in the first wave of sparkling producers such as Argyle, Soter, R. Stuart, Kramer, and Domaine Meriwether. Interest in Oregon sparkling wine production remained high for others, but the desire laid dormant due to the hurdles of expensive equipment and daunting technical aspects...Until another collection of folks found themselves with the desire and determination to change that. Their collective efforts led to the current sparkling wine renaissance, and the second wave of sparkling producers, who are now laying the ground work for Oregon to become an icon sparkling wine region on the world stage. Given more time and a few more vintages, Oregon will become widely-acclaimed for the magnificent sparkling wine region we all know it to be.

Several years ago, a few key folks began a conversation about the increased interest in sparkling wine production in Oregon. That pivotal conversation continued along, and grew to include others until the very first Sparkling Symposium was created in 2016. After the inaugural Sparkling Symposium's smashing success it was obvious it needed to be offered again. And voila! The annual conference devoted to Oregon's sparkling wine renaissance was born.

It goes without saying that this Symposium and all of the events dedicated to sparkling wine in Oregon are the result of many years of effort put forth from a countless number of people. We are thankful for your hard work and we'll proudly carry the torch with us as we march forward, together, and embrace the sparkling wine renaissance afoot.

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