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Chemeketa Community College

Vineyard Crop Estimation

Wednesday, July 24, 9 am-Noon - SPANISH INSTRUCTION (Instructor: Leigh Bartholomew)
Thursday, July 25, 9am-Noon - ENGLISH INSTRUCTION (Instructor: Ashley Lindsay)

LOCATION: Northwest Wine Studies Center - Building 2, 215 Doaks Ferry Road NW, Salem OR 97304
COST: $50

This workshop will demonstrate crop estimate calculations and techniques for commercial vineyards.


  1. Identify the timing to take lag phase measurements
  2. Demonstrate sampling techniques for crop estimation.
  3. Perform the mathematical calculations to determine estimated yield at harvest

Register here: 7/24/24 - Spanish Instruction
Register here: 7/25/24 - English Instruction

(15 spots in each class available -
Company registrations limited to 7 employees per company)