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Chemeketa Community College

Wine Studies Program

Wine Studies at Chemeketa offers a hands-on continuing education and degree program focusing on all aspects of wine from grape to glass. Our own on-site, 8-acre vineyard and winery provide students an opportunity to learn the depth and breadth of vineyard management and winemaking, from the growing of the grape to harvesting, chemistry, production, and the selling of the wine. The Wine Studies program is located at The Northwest Wine Studies Center, which is a leading wine industry resource emphasizing strong alliances with the Northwest wine industry. It is also home to the tasting room for Chemeketa Cellars.

Wine Studies Program Information

Degree and Certificate Program Pathways
Erath Matching Viticulture Scholarship

Wine Studies Photo Gallery

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My Oregon Future: Melaney

My Oregon Future: Melaney from Oregon Community College Assn on Vimeo.

Chemeketa Eola Wine Studies Student shares how Oregon's affordable community college tuition has allowed her to pursue a new career path and start her own business.

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