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Chemeketa Community College

Wine Studies Program

Wine Studies at Chemeketa offers a hands-on continuing education and degree program focusing on all aspects of wine from grape to glass. Our own on-site, 8-acre vineyard and winery provide students an opportunity to learn the depth and breadth of vineyard management and winemaking, from the growing of the grape to harvesting, chemistry, production, and the selling of the wine. The Wine Studies program is located at The Northwest Wine Studies Center, which is a leading wine industry resource emphasizing strong alliances with the Northwest wine industry. It is also home to the tasting room for Chemeketa Cellars.

Please note: Fall Term for the Wine Studies program always begins two weeks before Chemeketa's regular term.

Fall Term 2024 will start on Monday, September 16, 2024.

Questions about the program? Contact winestudies@chemeketa.edu


Course Information

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Degree and Certificate Program Pathways

Scholarship Information

Chemeketa Community College Foundation Scholarships

All Chemeketa Wine Studies scholarships are run through the Chemeketa Foundation. Applications for Foundation Scholarships are available January 1st and applications will be accepted through the end of February every year.  To apply for the scholarships below, visit:

Visit Chemeketa’s scholarships page, where you will find information on all available scholarships, both need and merit-based: https://www.chemeketa.edu/cost-aid/scholarships/ 

  • AL MACDONALD/LIVE WINE STUDIES SCHOLARSHIP: This scholarship supports part-time, first-generation college students ineligible for federal financial aid entering the Wine Studies program at Chemeketa. The scholarship is named after retired, former Wine Studies faculty member, Al MacDonald, for his commitment to the program and the wine industry.
  • BETTY O’BRIEN WINE MARKETING SCHOLARSHIP: Willamette Valley Vineyards established this scholarship in honor of Betty's substantial contributions to the wine industry.
  • JACKSON FAMILY WINES SCHOLARSHIP: Established by Jackson Family Wines to support students enrolled part or full-time in the Wine Studies Programs carrying a 3.0 GPA.

Erath Matching Viticulture Scholarship

The Chemeketa Community College Erath Matching Viticulture Scholarship is available for employees of Oregon winery/vineyards. The Erath Family Foundation (EFF) established this scholarship to increase the number of personnel in leadership roles who have a fundamental education in viticulture along with a working command of the English language. Through a generous donation by EFF, wineries can support and encourage their employees to attend Chemeketa Community College and receive up to $2,000 per academic year in matching funds.”

Oregon Wine Brotherhood Scholarships

The OWB is an organization of 150 individuals, both within and independent of the wine industry, dedicated to promoting and supporting the wines of Oregon and Washington through education, scholarships, ceremony and brotherhood. A major objective of the Oregon Wine Brotherhood is to award scholarships to students enrolled in a full-time Enology or Viticulture program. Also considered are applicants in the hospitality or culinary arts programs, if there is an emphasis on wine.  The scholarships are awarded on an annual basis and students are eligible to reapply for a continuing scholarship for up to a total of 4 years if they are enrolled in a qualified college program.  The amount awarded is determined by the scholarship committee and is based on the cost of attendance at each college or university. Visit www.oregonwinebrotherhood.org and click on “Scholarship Program” to learn more or to apply. Applications are due March 1.

Wine Studies Photo Gallery

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My Oregon Future: Melaney

My Oregon Future: Melaney from Oregon Community College Assn on Vimeo.

Chemeketa Eola Wine Studies Student shares how Oregon's affordable community college tuition has allowed her to pursue a new career path and start her own business.