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Chemeketa Community College

Brut Rosé 2017

Brut Rosé 2017

Crisp acidity, aromas of brioche, lemon and apple. Lemon-strawberry on the palate. Sparkling Blanc de Noir, steel barrel aged. Dry tirage for 5 years.

  • Silver, 2023 McMinnville Wine Competition
  • Silver, 2023 San Francisco Chronicle  Wine Competition

Made with the help of Radiant Sparkling Wine Company, who donates its wine bottling services to Chemeketa Community College’s Wine Studies program in the development of the college’s sparkling wine. Chemeketa Community College’s Wine Studies students, visited Radiant’s McMinnville warehouse to meet with the owner, Andrew Davis, and his production team. During the visit, the students had the opportunity to assist in bottling the sparkling wine using the Champenoise process. The students’ wine consists of a blanc noir base wine, which had already gone through the first fermentation, and a dosage of mourvédre. This blend creates Chemeketa Cellars’ sparkling Brut Rosé.

The bottles of wine were first placed in a saltwater brine to freeze the yeast sediment. Then, the high pressure that is created from the dissolved CO2 shoots the yeast plug out after the crown cap is removed. The wine is then supplemented with the final dosage of mourvédre. The mix of white and red wine produces a pink color to the sparkling wine - transforming the wine into a rosé. After the bottles are rinsed with water, a very thick cork is inserted into the bottles and wired down to preserve and maintain the bubbles, and the bottles were labeled with Chemeketa Cellar’s branded and colorful label and boxed in cases.

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